Identity Theft and how Quantopay protects you from it

The world is a place of endless possibilities. As digitally informed individuals, we can either use technology to our advantage or misuse it.  Identity theft happens when someone steals your sensitive personal or financial information including your name, address, bank details, credit card, medical insurance details, or Social Security number without your permission. With your […]

How to Escape the Trap of the Current Financial System?

What Is a Liquidity Trap? A liquidity trap is an economic situation in which asset values are low and savings are extremely high, making monetary policy ineffective. During a liquidity trap, as characterized by economist John Maynard Keynes, consumers often try to avoid bonds and keep their assets in cash savings due to the widespread […]

How to Calculate Your Net Worth?

Being organized is extremely helpful especially when it comes to your financial statements. Keeping all your important and financial records organized and calculated helps you see the complete picture.  What is net worth? Net worth is the difference between all the assets that a person owns minus all the liabilities that a person owes. Mathematically, […]

How to Escape Debt?

Having unhealthy spending habits can lead you to many unfavorable and unwanted situations.  One might be tempted to resort to debt, but as easy as it may sound, its risk and negative repercussions are much more impactful. If you have landed in such a situation, then read this article. Here, we have included all the […]

Everything a Freelancer Needs to Know About Finances (Receiving Payments from Abroad)

Being a freelancer is a terrific option to sustain a lifestyle outside of the standard office job if you’re ready to put in the effort. For many, it’s also an opportunity to work with innovative companies worldwide. Transactions with international clientele, however, can be challenging. The bulk of financial services levy a hefty fee, while […]

How to Save Money by Shifting to Digital Banking?

Digital banking is the future of banking. It has proven itself by its amazing services and functionality. It seems now that everything can be done online. What is Digital Banking? Digital banking is the combination of online and mobile banking. Digital banking is a platform where all the services are available over the internet. It […]

What are the Benefits of Banking With QuantoPay?

Banking has never been easier before. There was no concept of fintech, online banking, and digital challenger banks in the recent past. But as technology has progressed with time, it has revolutionized every sphere of life. And digital banking is not an exception. QuantoPay is the first global, digital, blockchain bank that uses software to […]

Understanding Financial Freedom

The concept of financial freedom is complex. Some people think of it as the freedom to spend money beyond their needs, some people assume it as having sufficient savings, while others think of it as the ability to live a luxurious life. However, it is achieved through a comprehensive money management approach regardless of what […]

Why should I invest in Blockchain?

Financial inflation in the year 2008 led to the development of a system or a protocol that involved coequal transactions or electronic cash systems. The result of this was the set of distributed ledgers which were named the blockchains. Having no central database and being a global ledger or spreadsheet, blockchain is a public platform, […]

What is the difference between Crypto and Fiat?

The world, as it moves ahead, is pushing towards online virtual investments rather than real-life ones. The greater credit goes to the pandemic situation all over the world, because of which the population had to stay at home and isolate. People were more than just frustrated and most of their time was spent on the […]