QUANTOCOIN (QTC) now listed on TimeX

QUANTOCOIN is part of the blockchain-powered fintech and De-Fi banking platform QuantoPay. By offering unique, innovative monetary solutions, QuantoPay is aiming to bring the crypto and De-Fi revolution to everybody. Having gained the necessary e-money licenses, QuantoPay is scheduled to be released to the general public in the coming weeks. The Beta version of the […]

How be financially secure in your post-retirement life

Financial security is a complex idea. It means something different to different people. Some people believe that having enough income that can meet all of your monthly expenses is termed financial security. Some people feel that increasing their investment portfolio through owning numerous assets is called financial security. While others argue that financial security is […]

What does Quantopay mean when it says WeCare?

As a global, digital blockchain bank, QuantoPay not only offers its customers one of the finest and most satisfactory fintech services in comparison to other platforms, but it believes in bringing about a significant change through its efforts in caring for nature and the community.  Many fields have attracted the attention of the QuantoPay such […]