Alexander BrexendorffCo-Founder & CEO

Alexander Brexendorff/ co-owner

Alexander is an serial entrepreneur/owner and managing director of various legal, business, sports and Fintech consulting companies in Europe and the Middle East. He is as well the founder and head of the board of the Zurich and Dubai based international business and legal Swiss Association Iskander & Associates / MENA LEGAL â„¢.

He has over twenty years of international experience in business consulting, legal and Fintech services with a deep and comprehensive legal and practical knowledge of Europe, the Former Soviet Union, the Middle East and beyond.

Holding an honors Ph.D. in hydrocarbon public international law, he started his career during the DOTCOM boom at the financial markets department of Shearman & Sterling LLP in Frankfurt, moved on to the international energy agency, Energy Charter Secretariat, in Brussels, joined later the Coudert Brothers LLP Middle East Practice Group before he founded one of the most prestigious European-Middle East Boutique Legal, Business, Sport and Fintech consultancies in the Middle East/Europe.