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Pablo Dana

Pablo Victor Dana, class of 1967, is the General Manager at Heritage Wealth DWC in Dubai. Mr. Dana has previously served in Senior Managerial Positions for International renowned Banks and Asset Management Companies. Pablo has been working in the Private Banking environment since 1993 in Geneva, New York, London and Dubai.

He has participated in numerous Seminars and conferences as a Guest Speaker, Chairman and or Moderator in topics related to UHNI, Wealth Management and Private Banking. In addition to Sports acquisitions, Philanthropy, EAM’s and Family Offices/MFO’s.

Pablo is an active Business Consultant to several Banking and Governmental Institutions Internationally, for which he brings his knowledge of UHNI in general, their Lifestyles, Family Businesses and Banking.

He joined as a Partner Quantocoin in September 2017. A long time believer in Cryptocurrencies, he is now part of the developing team of the Digital Platform launched by Quantocoin (QTC) – The bank of the future in the palm of your hand. Through his groups of companies HsH, Pablo has been the first one to implement the use of Blockchain in the world of football.

Founder and CEO of Heritage Wealth, he assists clients and their legal counsels willing/needing to relocate their Wealth or their families to Dubai. Working closely with local/International Banks and Law Firms to adapt to local requirements and to clients needs.

Pablo sits on the Board of several companies in Milano, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong and Gibraltar and brings his advice and network to assist CEO’s in the strategic and commercial development. Pablo is a Speaker, Chairman and/or Moderator in several Conferences and Seminars linked to Sports and Finance (MIS, WFS, A&F).