What are the Benefits of Banking With QuantoPay?

Banking has never been easier before. There was no concept of fintech, online banking, and digital challenger banks in the recent past. But as technology has progressed with time, it has revolutionized every sphere of life. And digital banking is not an exception. QuantoPay is the first global, digital, blockchain bank that uses software to digitize retail banking.

About QuantoPay

QUANTOPAY LTD has been based in London as a fintech company operating since 2018. A As a global digital, blockchain bank, QuantoPay revolutionizes banking and money management with its fintech services and blockchain integration based on the latest cutting-edge technology. The company aims at employing state-of-the-art technology with everyday banking operations to provide users ease and comfort while managing money online.

They are true to their slogan, ‘Money Done Differently,’ providing online services through their mobile apps. Now people can manage money and benefit from various services with ease. The app allows people to manage multicurrency accounts with fast, cheap, and secured transfers and transactions in partnership with VISA cards.

With its global financial inclusion, blockchain integration, and virtual cards, QuantoPay is making a difference. It is one of the first second-generation mobile-only platforms for the young generation that understands and promotes the integration of the latest technologies and innovative ideas in their lives.

  • QuantoPay as a Digital Challenger Bank

Being a sustainable challenger bank, QuantoPay welcomes users to the new era of fintech blockchain banks, providing their users reliable and secured financial solutions where users can smartly earn, spend, and transfer money with ease. It uses mobile phones as digital channels for offering competitive retail banking services.

Their second-generation fintech solution aims to provide users with a better financing solution by fusing the centralized and decentralized worlds. In the UAE, UK, and 30 more European companies, QuantoPay has already established itself as a licensed digital challenger bank and the first blockchain banking platform. However, it is set to launch in the US and Latin American markets in 2022.

The Benefits of Banking With QuantoPay

QuantoPay is the global, digital blockchain bank you were waiting for. With their exceptional and extraordinary fintech and blockchain services, they have made their mark in the digital banking world. Being the first mobile-only bank, the company has featured various online banking benefits and innovative solutions to make itself the best digital, blockchain bank. Have a look at their facilities:

  • Online payments
  • Global internet coverage
  • Multiple Cards
  • Contactless and cashless payments
  • QR enabled
  • Referrals programs
  • Super-fast wallet opening process
  • Globally functional VISA cards
  • Cashback
  • Cross-border payments
  • Virtual cards
  • NFT Secured
  • Merchant API/POS
  • Local IBAN accounts
  • Innovative payment options and cards
  • Multiple Accounts
  • Deferred payments
  • Easy asset portfolio management
  • Fess for cross border payments
  • Easy KYC/AML through Onfido
  • Manage personal budget
  • Fees for Remittances
  • Faster invoice debt collection and prepaid cash by their business accounts
  • Blockchain and crypto integration
  • Multilayer security
  • Fast transfers for remote workers and foreign residents
  • 30% cashback (with all the payment card subscriptions) for customers’ personal use and transaction choices, along with discounts and vouchers
  • Lending and microfinance opportunity
  • Instant cash
  • Fast approval for travel and life insurance services and immediate disbursements in case of emergency.
  • Robo Trading for wealth management and portfolio investments.

Blockchain Integration

QuantoPay’s partnership with top-notch data protection & cyber security provider Rheinmetall Group and ZTP digital banking PSD2 testing & certification agency has further increased the security measures to ensure maximum safety for their users.

Blockchain and crypto integration is one of their best achievements that they aim to introduce in the US market at the start of 2022. With their contactless app, users will easily manage payment cards and spend or manage fiat cash instantly. Their blockchain facility will allow consumers to manage crypto assets, including QTC, BTC, and ETH.

Blockchain Facilities 

QuantoPay has integrated blockchain facility and cryptocurrency integration using the fintech services in the best possible way.

  • You can transfer money easily.
  • You can create IBAN accounts for your friends and family
  • Users can have a secured, cost-saving, and fast international payment processing with their blockchain technology
  • Their top-of-the-line encryption tools enable users to manage money with increased security, reliability, and efficiency
  • You can customize your ambassador cards
  • It allows saving fees on every payment or transaction

How is Money secured with QuantoPay?

With QuantoPay, your money is secured because it uses the latest technology and strict measures to ensure the security of your funds.

  • Multilayer security management helps protect your data and funds properly
  • Strong KYC/AML through ONFIDO Cooperation 
  • The new bio identification process saves your account from unauthorized access or hack.
  • The system saves consumers’ accounts from fraud through deep machine learning and security.
  • Contactless payment further restricts and saves time in physical interactions or threats.
  • They make use of disposable virtual cards, which save users from theft and keep their money safe at all times.
  • If you sense any financial threat related to your account, you can immediately freeze or block the card through the app. When the threat is resolved, users can unfreeze their accounts again.

The world is revolutionizing day by day, and technology is changing how things are done. Online banking is one of the wonders technology has given us recently. And QuantoPay is not an exception. QuantoPay makes sure you stay on top of things with all the fantastic banking services and benefits.

QuantoPay offers its customers a chance to win VISA cards by voting their favored upcoming features. Users are able to manage money within the comfort of their homes. So what are you waiting for? Download their app and get access to the first global digital blockchain bank.

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