What does Quantopay mean when it says WeCare?

As a global, digital blockchain bank, QuantoPay not only offers its customers one of the finest and most satisfactory fintech services in comparison to other platforms, but it believes in bringing about a significant change through its efforts in caring for nature and the community. 

Many fields have attracted the attention of the QuantoPay such as environmental, maritime, and animal protection, anti-deforestation, children and educational projects, and upcoming artists around the world.

QuantoPay utilizes a fixed percentage of your financial proceedings and the profits the customers generate will be donated as a means of additional support in any project of the customer’s choice which QuantoPay is already supporting. The contribution is thoroughly transparent and regulated without any dependence. The said transparency is guaranteed and promised as our blockchain network is specifically customized for our users by making sure that their personal choices are prioritized.

Below are some of the projects that QuantoPay supports and contributes to. 

OCEANS Project – Marine Protection and Restoration

Around the world, the OCEANS Project group is focused on marine preservation and conservation projects. The major objectives are to prevent the degradation of our coral reefs, establish marine reserves, and cease shark finning by educating the community and training native coastal habitats and diving institutions about the alternatives that are currently available.

The OCEANS Project network’s top priorities are marine preservation and regeneration. Follow our circumnavigation mission’s activities and learn how we intend to preserve and conserve our oceans.

The Oceans Project welcomes and encourages people to participate and support it. Sitting and watching our YouTube series generates ad money. The donations and sponsorships and the viewers simply watching our YouTube video series, ensure the smooth and hurdle-free operation of the OCEANS Project. This, along with donations and sponsorship funds, will ensure that the Oceans Project platform continues to operate.

A circumnavigation mission is underway for the OCEANS Project organization. We are assisting coastal habitats and diving establishments with conservation programs and ecological regeneration.

Deforestation – Save the Amazon Rainforest

The extreme weather conditions that the world has been dealing with for a while now are because of the worldwide problem of deforestation. QuantoPay has aimed to support, sponsor, and contribute to such projects around the world that are working to bring awareness within the population regarding the fact that the Amazon rainforest is vital for our climate globally.

Amazon is already being ruined purposefully, frequently to make clearance for things marketed everywhere in the world. Trees that have been existing for decades and centuries are being demolished, and massive fires are being sparked to clear the forest. Deforestation has been on the rise in the Amazon. Deforestation rates in 2021 were at their worst in 15 years, climbing 22 percent over the past year. This is causing chaos on Native populations’ and local communities’ territories, as well as harming wildlife and intensifying the environmental issues. 

Amazon rainforest moves a step closer to being destroyed and cleared for industrialization with the cutting down of every hectare of the rainforest. As soon as the rainforest is out of our hands, the climate change crisis could never be in control ever again.

Plastic Recycling – Our special cards

Even though many European governments have tackled the issue of plastic recycling, we are far from having integrated regulations. On our QuantoPay VISA cards, we only use recycled plastic, and we support sustainability initiatives that are creating innovative solutions for how we may better address this critical issue for the future of our universe.

Synthetic plastics are most often non – biodegradable and likely often exist in natural settings. They harm the environment immediately as they are dropped on the ground, tossed out of a car window, dumped into an already full trash bin, or accidentally swept away by a gust of wind.

The ocean receives much of the plastic litter generated on land since it is located downhill from basically every earthly place. Plastic pollution in the water can kill sea creatures immediately via tangling in articles such as fishing gear, but can also kill only by being confused for food and being swallowed. Plastic pollution has both land and aquatic effects. Flooding occurs when drainage systems become blocked with plastic bags, films, and other objects.

Wildlife Protection – Shark Protection

Most tropical ecosystems are dying without sharks. Sharks must be protected because they keep fish numbers in check. To familiarise the public with these beautiful creatures and their environment, we support shark feeding and shark dives. The more people learn about sharks and their significance to ecosystems, the more likely they are to protect them.

Children – Michel Salgado Football Academy

We care about children and their dreams of being trained by their football idols and eventually becoming football stars themselves, as well as supporting our Ambassadors, such as Michel Salgado’s children’s football academy, which has a special program for underprivileged children in the Third World.

Art – Artist Support

Art is the human expression of sense and passion, and at QuantoPay, we strongly support all forms of artistic expression, with a special focus on young artists who require promotion to attain their full artistic potential.


In terms of project objectives, education is one of our foundations. We will emphasize financial education for children, which is lacking in the traditional school system, but we will also promote other forms of education that we believe are essential for human development in modern times.

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