Why should I invest in Blockchain?

Financial inflation in the year 2008 led to the development of a system or a protocol that involved coequal transactions or electronic cash systems. The result of this was the set of distributed ledgers which were named the blockchains. Having no central database and being a global ledger or spreadsheet, blockchain is a public platform, accessible to anyone but at the same time uses a combination of centralized and decentralized worlds or platforms to provide complete security to the technology. This helps prevent stealing of information, security breaching.

Information within a particular asset in a blockchain platform will be equally available to all the participants of the asset. Any changes made to it will be simultaneously changed for all the participants of that particular asset.

The decentralization of blockchain makes it function in a way that the information in assets can be accessed by everyone at the same time.

Anything having worth; be it a property document, your car, your house, or gold, anything at all, can be exchanged on the platform of blockchain technology without the fear of external or hidden charges.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is a globally used and appreciated extensive spreadsheet or ledger that nearly every NFT trading platform is utilizing these days. Blockchain has successfully secured the confidential information of its consumers and this is done by combining the centralized and decentralized systems. This is how the assets are kept safe and sound from security breaches.

What’s interesting on blockchain platforms is that there is no chance of an alteration in an asset owned by more than one person without the knowledge of all the owners. The changes made on an asset are visible to all the owners at the same time. Hence, the transparency.

Each owner of an asset has equal access to whatever information is contained in it. The storage of the information is such that it is nearly impossible to be altered, changed, or manipulated without the consent of the owner.

Potential of Blockchain Technology

The technology behind Bitcoin and other similar cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, has been considered revolutionary for numerous fields of work, be it Supply chain, banking, and healthcare. Since the concept of middlemen and intermediaries is nullified, plenty of new methods of financial transactions and economic practices are being used which were not thought of before.

This transition of methodology attracts mass potential in terms of investment, especially by the modern-day visionaries in business who want to do more in tech than just make more money. For Solo investors, this becomes a bright chance to hop on the bandwagon, since these opportunities have proved to be quite fruitful to those who supported Bitcoin before its glory.

    Digital Gold

The most commonly heard Crypto, Bitcoin, is undoubtedly the strongest contender in the blockchain industry. This currency has passed the test of time and is still going strong with the most number of investors AND the most number of people about their way to have access to it. It is often referred to as “Digital Gold”.

As the flat currencies continue to depreciate, investors have put their trust in Bitcoin to be of immense value in the coming times since the supply of this currency is capped at 21 million coins. This makes it impossible to inflate or control at the will of governments.

The biggest reason for aspiring investors who want in on the blockchain scene is that Bitcoin is believed to be the only crypto that has the potential to become the first global digital currency.


This technology takes on a different approach from Bitcoin. Ether, the native coin of the Ethereum platform can be purchased by investors independently. The focal point of Ethereum is to establish a global computing platform that holds a huge ecosystem of decentralized applications “apps”.

The way these apps work is via smart contracts. These smart contracts are encoded within the coding and activated while computing is carried out using them. The Ethereum network then collects Ether in exchange for executing the smart contracts.

These smart contracts have proved to be greatly useful and disruptive for significant industries such as real estate, banking and potentially to explore newer markets.


The value that blockchain provides in this era is unmatchable to some sort. The reason for this statement is that, unlike our regular money, cryptocurrencies are always capped by a limiting algorithm. This means that there will never be an unlimited supply of a particular currency, preventing any single person or entity from holding more in hopes of controlling the currency. This also prevents governments from controlling this currency and its value through inflation.

    Large-Scale Response

Ever since the work of crypto became common, the world has seen blockchain technology being adopted on a massive scale by companies of different industries. From total overhauls of mathematical-intensive systems to a long-overdue change in financial infrastructure, blockchain has taken world leaders by storm.

Big names like Paypal have made it immensely easy to buy and sell cryptocurrency on their platform, which immediately enables a huge portion of the whole world to have access to this technology in the palm of their hands!

    Long-term Investments

For those looking for a long-term investment within the blockchain industry, there are plenty of options available.

But for the sake of trust, we’re gonna be discussing two of the most commonly known cryptocurrencies; Bitcoin and Ethereum.

    Safe From Taxes

Also, due to the unique nature of this revolutionary technology makes it impossible for tax authorities to hold an investor accountable on any grounds since they can’t access it without the cooperation of the owner.

What Does the Future Hold?

Though many enthusiasts of blockchain technology believe that this will soon become a part of our daily lives, that is the use of cryptocurrency, an important fact to be noted is that the blockchain industry is mostly driven by speculations and estimations. Unlike stock markets, there is no set pattern as to where the market will lead you. This comes with an equal amount of opportunity and risk.

Plenty of analytics on the crypto market shows that cryptocurrency trading remains the top use for this technology with a huge track record of economic activity.

Some notable philanthropists have all foretold of a potential crypto “bubble” similar to the dot-net bubble burst, in which the world will witness the sudden fall of blockchain technology.


Digital Blockchain banking is the next generation of sustainable financial future. As the  global, digital blockchain bank of the future, Quantopay makes it an effortless task to earn, spend, save and transfer money.

Through Quantopay, a user can obtain cash irrespective of the type of cryptocurrency assets and is allowed to spend as they like. Consumers cherish the freedom provided to them by the platform. So if one customer owns more than one type of cryptocurrency, they would not have to deal with the trouble of banking at different banks or platforms for each owned currency. Quantopay lets you access the transactions and spend any type as you please and be saved in the same platform/bank.

Quantopay even offers money transfers and transactions across borders without any trouble. The international transfer is easy and smooth.



Blockchain provides an expandible and upgradable transparency for a wide range of applications. Furthermore, it eliminates fraud and reduces the risk of breaching. Blockchain, with these and more pros and benefits, is without a doubt a revolution in online trading and a very promising one too. Numerous other systems use blockchain ledgers to operate. The safety and security that blockchain provides attracts a large percentage of buyers and sellers.

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